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Tank in Touch Gauging System


Tank In Touch

The ISS Projects Ltd Tank in Touch tank monitoring system has a 10in full colour ruggedized touch screen display at the heart of it. The gauge is designed for applications of up to 24 tanks. Each tank can have inputs for level, top pressure and temperature.

The gauge can be configured to monitor other digital inputs e.g. an independent high level switch.

The gauge can be connected to a network allowing it to be remotely viewed via the inbuilt web browser.

The System is designed, manufactured and installed by ISS Projects Ltd Engineers and can be tailored to customer requirements.

The system uses remote I/O and can be configured to take 4-20mA analogue signals or digital protocols such as Profibus.

The panel is a standard IP66 enclosure.

Connection to a network via standard RJ45 socket

Clear colour ruggedized touch screen display, IP66 rated and chemical resistant

Single, dual or multiple tank displays

The tank contents are displayed in mm depth, Kg, Tonnes or Litres.

Delivery capacity, top pressure, density and temperature are also displayed

The system has a real time event page and a history log for each tank which is downloadable via the network.

There are configurable alarms with one fixed alarm at 100%.


High Level Alarm Panel


 High Level PanelThe ISS Projects Independent High Level Alarm panel is a failsafe system designed to protect against tank over fills. It is built as a standard 8 tank panel to BSEN61511. 

The System is designed, manufactured and installed by ISS Projects   Engineers and can be tailored to customer requirements.

Each tank is fitted with a state of the art vibrating fork or capacitance level switch mounted in the top of tank through a 1 inch socket or a flange.

The sensor is then connected to the panel by a 1 pair steel wire armoured cable.

The panel is a standard IP66 enclosure housing all the control electronics.

Each Tank is clearly identified and has its own alarm LED and test switch.

Each tank has a super bright red LED which illuminates on an alarm condition and will remain on until the alarm condition is cleared, a panel sounder and external sounder/beacon will also activate on an alarm condition these can be muted.

The Alarm panel uses NAMUR output which is intrinsically safe.

Pump or valve control for each tank is a standard feature of the panel with a single supervisor activated override key switch.

The panel can be configured to give a digital output to the ISS Tank in Touch Gauge giving secondary indication and logging.

The system can be connected to a Remote telemetry unit for SMS or email alerts




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